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As We Near the End of 2021

I just finished putting small cups of cinnamon sticks on my bookshelves. I spotted a silverfish on one of my books the other day – nasty insects that love to chew on bookbinding glue and paper – and was just quick enough to squish it. Google said silverfish hate the scent of cedar and cinnamon. […]


I blinked and suddenly we’re well into 2021. Happy (Lunar) New Year everyone! At least I’m in time to greet everyone for that. Enjoy your fried tikoy and egg or your virtual yusheng, however you celebrate. 新年快乐! A lot has happened the past two months which I’ll write about at length once I get over […]

Sunday Sofa Sojourns #22: Bali, Indonesia

Another throwback, this time written when I was pregnant with our kid. He just attended his first “by-himself” play date today and I’m feeling a little nostalgic. I must say I never really knew about “babymoons” until a work colleague asked me about it. She’s Singaporean but had spent most of her life in Melbourne […]

Sunday Sofa Sojourns #21: Montreux, Switzerland

I inadvertently skipped a Sunday. Forgive me. It’s December and we’re almost at the end of the tunnel that is 2020. How are you holding up? Our hotel in Montreux looked like it popped straight out of a Wes Anderson set. I loved the hotel’s mango ice cream-colored carpets, its rooms equipped with inner and […]

Sunday Sofa Sojourns #20: Panama City, Panama

Travel time from Singapore to Panama City takes nearly 1.5 days, one-way, or 3 days in total. This includes flights and various airport layovers. It was, and still is, the farthest I’ve ever flown. But there I was, sipping a piña colada at the CasaCasco rooftop terrace in the middle of Casco Viejo, Panama City’s […]

Sunday Sofa Sojourns #19: Pisa, Italy

While at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy with the Hub, I thought two thoughts: Random Thought #1. Where did I put away my 4th year high school Physics book? Paul Hewitt was the reason why Physics was my favourite science subject then. I remember reading up to Einstein’s theory of relativity, past […]

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