Sunday Sofa Sojourns #1: Tagaytay, Philippines

Seeing as all our travel plans this year (and the next…?) have been put on hold, to ease the wanderlust I’ll post a throwback photo every week from our past trips. Join me as I travel from my sofa!

It’s Father’s Day today, so for my first #SundaySofaSojourns post here’s a special one with Dad.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Tagaytay – its cool breezes, its view of Taal (the second most active volcano in the Philippines), its roadside stalls teeming with souvenir pineapples and walis tambo. The city is home to local favourites Bag of Beans barako coffee, Rowena’s buko tarts (coconut tarts), Sonya’s Garden greens, and Antonio’s upscale fare.

It’s also the city where I got married.

This is a photo from our father-daughter dance. I had carefully chosen my wedding playlist and picked Jose Mari Chan’s ‘Sing Me A Song Again, Daddy’ for this moment. Chan’s whole album was one of the soundtracks of my childhood and this song was particularly meaningful for both of us.

I could not get through the dance without crying. Likewise, for Dad.

I heard the traffic going up to Tagaytay has only gotten worse since then. These days we also have to navigate four time zones for a family call. And of course, there’s the virus to contend with.

I still hope Dad and I get to see you again, Tagaytay. Our bowls of hot, hearty bulalo soup at Josephine’s await.

Think critically dear readers,

9 thoughts on “Sunday Sofa Sojourns #1: Tagaytay, Philippines

  1. Maganda ang Tagaytay. I have been there as part of an unforgettable trip that took us 7 hours from Bulacan, 5 of which stuck in traffic from the North Luzon Expressway to Cavite…and we got up at 4 am! But it was worth the trip.
    I have to go back

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  2. The reason why I got to see Tagaytay is not because my wife and her relatives were really interested in taking me there. The real reason is because sabi nila “presko sa Tagaytay at masarap mag-shot shot”. Ibig sabihin mahilig sila sa tagay-tagay sa Tagaytay…

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