Rate My Setup! The Pandemic Edition

Welcome to the Pandemic Edition of Rate My Setup! Today, let me take you on a tour of my home office! (Insert air quotes here)

This is where the work magic happens!

As you can see, my “home office” is conveniently located a stone’s throw away from where I have my meals. No need for a FitBit — I hardly step away from my “desk”. What fun!

a. An old monitor from the office that I managed to snag before the circuit breaker period started. Perfect timing, as monitor prices suddenly shot up the weeks after and supply was scarce (It’s now back to normal I think)

b. Work laptop with obligatory post-it over the built-in camera. Zuckerberg does it, so why not poknat?

c. A gamer headset with soft over-ear cups, because my lola ears cannot stand all the marathon Teams / Zoom calls happening since we all started working from home. And I figure if anyone knows about ear comfort, it’s gamers. I need crisp sound to drop annoying corporate jargon such as: “Let’s take this offline” or “I have a hard stop at 3” or “I’ll circle back to you on this”. Adults adulting, folks!

I’ve hit BINGO too many times to count (Source)

d. Octopus connections, since I work opposite the Hub. One of my fervent wishes these days is for our salaries to climb as high as our electric bill the past months

e. I have owned some variation of the Chonky Accountant’s Calculator since university days. Keep your TI BA II Professionals and fancy scientific calculators — all I need is a calculator with big keys (all the better for those fat fingers, my dear), an even bigger “+” function, and a button with double zeroes

f. A nearly finished jumbo bottle of Eye-Mo eyedrops

g. You may also have noticed that both my monitor and laptop are resting on their own respective stack of books. As I’m too cheap to spring for a proper laptop stand, I’ve repurposed some of my thickest books to serve this purpose for me and the Hub #diy #blessed

h. Bluetooth speaker so I can listen to my Spotify playlists on full blast (on those rare times I’m not on above-mentioned Teams / Zoom calls)

i. My Pandemic Essentials: bottle of Green Cross 70% Ethyl Alcohol for regular wipedowns of everything you see in the photo, a smaller bottle of antiseptic germicide to grab and go, and gum for chewing away ever-escalating work-from-home stress

j. My kid’s drawing tucked under the keyboard. Why do I simultaneously feel I see too much and too little of him these days?! Also, more octopus connections.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my home office! In the next episode of Rate My Setup: top 10 best electric back massagers — perfect for dining chairs!

Think critically dear readers,

P.S. Written tongue in cheek. This post is dedicated to all of you out there working from home at your dining tables, sitting in non-ergonomic “work chairs”, possibly with children screaming at the background. WE GOT THIS. πŸ’»

24 thoughts on “Rate My Setup! The Pandemic Edition

  1. Great office setup, amazing how much we need to be production, right. Enjoyed Conference Call Bingo. I wonder what our children’s offices will look like one day. REALY High Tech for sure. πŸ™‚

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  2. I thought exactly what Joana did…you need a bigger work table! When the pandemic is over and done with, people will look back on their makeshift work stations with fond memories. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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  3. haha! love this. work from home din kami ngayon. so i had to create a private space in my bedroom, yung di makita si mrs habang tulog sya! (Godsakes! patulog-tulog habang i have to work my butt off!!!)


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