We’ve been riding cable cars nearly every weekend lately.

I know it sounds extravagant when I say it like that. But we’re simply making full use of a Faber Licence annual pass we bought recently at a promo price. If we rode the cable cars every week for a year, it comes to around S$3 (around Php 100) each trip, with unlimited rides for four people. It’s non-transferable (they check our photos), but still, that’s just Php 25 per person. Sulit naman (It’s a good deal). It’s a fun weekend activity and my kid is a happy camper.

The Singapore Cable Car Sky Network (there’s only one) is made up of two lines: the Mount Faber Line, which you can take from Harbourfront Tower all the way to Faber Peak and back to Sentosa island (a 30-minute round trip ride); and the Sentosa Line, which makes three stops within the island at Siloso Point, Imbiah Lookout, and near the Sentosa Merlion (a 20-minute ride).

There are ongoing construction works now near Sentosa Line’s Merlion Station, so we usually hop off at Siloso Point Station and take the free beach trams around the island, another activity my kid loves.


Personally, I prefer the cable car rides itself. The views of Sentosa island from the sky are also hard to beat.

There is Brani Terminal and the Sentosa Boardwalk in the distance, with Hard Rock Hotel Singapore in the foreground and Festive Hotel to the right. The terminal will eventually close and move to the Tuas mega-port in western Singapore at some point, as the government intends to redevelop this area into the Greater Southern Waterfront. The port will be replaced with waterfront promenades and residential / commercial spaces. With the Covid-19 situation now, I’m not sure when this would be.

I like seeing the rows of solar panels atop the Bank of America Merrill Lynch building, visible when you approach Harbourfront Tower on the Mount Faber Line.

This is an aerial view of Adventure Cove Waterpark. It’s strange to see the water slides and Adventure River stripped of water. We can already spot small black stagnant pools in some places, littered with leaves. We see the sharks and dolphins are still there, possibly living their “best” life (as can be had within the confines of their tanks) with no humans to bother them.

The giant wave pool at Adventure Cove looks rather lonely now.

This is Siloso Beach last month, when Singapore celebrated its 55th National Day. The heart-shaped installation was made up of 10,000 red and white flags, each with a heartfelt message.

The AJ Hackett bungy jump tower is always a source of interest to my kid. If someone happens to be on a jump or zipping down the 450m zipline from Mega Adventure Park, we can hear the screaming from the comfort of our cable car.

Finally, there’s what is touted to be the “reigning king of public toilets” across Singapore, found in Faber Peak Singapore (you can hop off at the Mount Faber Station on the cable car line). In this glass-enclosed toilet at The Jewel Box, you can soak in superb views of Mount Faber’s greenery and the cable cars while making yourself comfortable on the couch provided. There’s even a fish tank with real fish inside. Best of all, it’s clean!

For your pooping pleasure

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  1. Glass enclosed toilet sa ibabaw ng bundok: the best iyan
    Gusto ng mayor ng Roma magtayo ng cable car sa Roma dahil mas mura daw kaysa sa bagong subway line…I am looking forward to it, sana may kasamang glass enclosed toilet…

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  2. My first time riding a cable car was in Santiago Chile. I didn’t tell my friend that I had fear of heights at first but as soon as we got on I told her I’m afraid. But I got used to it and enjoyed it. I was scared though! Lol. I don’t remember having this as an option when we used to visit Singapore. Is it fairly new?

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    1. The Mount Faber Line has been around for a while! 😄 But the Sentosa Line is quite new, opened five years ago. The views from the Chile one must’ve been amazing. 😊

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  3. OMG nakapasok na ako sa kubetang ‘yan! Hahahaha. May isa akong conference na pinuntahan sa NTU n’ung college, tapos pinakasakay nila kami sa cable cars for some gala event, tapos nagbanyo ako sa sosyal na kubeta na ‘yan! Wala lang hahahahaha. 😂

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    1. Apparently “award-winning” pala s’ya. Hehehe! Random trivia: sa Singapore illegal hindi mag-flush ng public toilet. (Follow-up question: paano nila nalalaman?! Hehe)

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      1. May awards ang mga kubeta?? Winner!! Haha. Also, ano sagot sa follow-up question na ‘yan? May nagsusumbong at may CCTV sa labas ng banyo? Hahaha. 🤣

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