Here and There

Here’s what I’ve been up to recently.

1) We celebrated the Hub’s birthday.

My surprise Cameo video for the Hub worked out! He and I are both yuuge fans of the LOTR movies, especially the first. We used to re-watch The Fellowship of the Ring all the time; it was our top choice for “movie-in-the-background” – times when we were busy with other stuff but wanted something interesting on TV that we could passively listen to. The Hub and I agreed Sam was the real MVP of the saga. One Valentine’s Day, the Hub even signed off his card to me as “Your Sam” (does that make me Frodo in that scenario?!).

Anyway, when I saw Sean Astin was on Cameo I grabbed my chance. The Hub never guessed!

A screengrab from the Hub’s Cameo message.

I highly recommend Sean if you’re thinking of getting a Cameo (provided you’re a fan, of course). He started off with a Marilyn Monroe-esque ‘Happy Birthday’ song which was pretty funny. You could tell he took the time to personalise each birthday message a bit. I only wrote Cameo a sentence or two about the Hub and Sean was able to build on that for a 5-minute-long video. He even managed to squeeze in his iconic “Po-tay-toes” line at the end. Sulit.

Other things we did on the Hub’s birthday: a nice omakase lunch at one of our favourite Japanese places capped off with drinks at Raffles Hotel. We both wanted to try the original Singapore Sling at the Long Bar but found out the bar was temporarily closed; the hotel was serving cocktails at the Raffles Courtyard instead.

We were seated and comfortable when I opened the menu and found out that an Original Singapore Sling costs S$35 (around Php1,300 or US$26). I reasoned to myself this was the first and probably the last time I’ll be trying it so… okay. Fine.

According to the menu, a Singapore Sling consists of Widges London Dry Gin, Bénédictine, Raffles Signature Grenadine, Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacco, Ferrand Dry Curaçao, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, and Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters.

Our drinks came with the obligatory tray of peanuts. (Traditionally, the peanut shells are thrown on the Long Bar’s tiled floor.) It was good, but was it worth S$35? The jury’s still out on that one.

2) I realised parts of the old Sentosa monorail tracks haven’t been demolished.

One of my most enduring childhood memories was a short trip my family took to Singapore in the ’90s. It probably got stuck in my head because the trip happened during a school week. I felt like I was playing hooky from school the whole time, and it felt good.

We had a day out in Sentosa Island. Back then, VivoCity was non-existent and the distance was wider between the main island and Singapore. There was no Boardwalk to cross. The Mount Faber Line cable cars were already around, but we took a ferry to the island.

I remember the breeze on our faces as we rode a monorail in Sentosa. Unlike today’s Sentosa Express which only stops at four stations – VivoCity, Resorts World (where Universal Studios is), Imbiah (for the nature walk), and Beach station – the monorail in my memory looped around the island. I even recall passing the giant “Sentosa” logo while on the train. The monorail ride experience and the rest of that day – a visit to a SeaWorld aquarium, a wax museum, musical fountains in the evening – is probably one of my core Joy memories haha.

The old Sentosa monorail, decommissioned in 2005. (Source)

Imagine my delight then, when I discovered while walking on the Imbiah trail the other weekend that parts of the old monorail tracks were still there! I don’t know why I never noticed it before.

Does anyone know why some parts of the track weren’t demolished?

3) We walked some more.

We had dinner at Robertson Quay in one of our favourite Middle Eastern restaurants (so far it’s the only place we found with kebab koobideh that approximates our beloved Alounak).

It was a balmy evening and it seemed everyone was out and about. So, we took the opportunity to walk from Robertson Quay all the way to Clarke Quay.

The Old Hill Street Police Station on Clarke Quay

We finally reached Boat Quay where we caught the bus home.

Think critically dear readers,

11 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Belated happy birthday sa hubby mo! 😀 Parang gusto ko ring i-try ‘yung Singapore Sling kaso napakamahal naman! Ginto?? Hahaha. Ang cool din n’ung Cameo! Ngayon ko lang nalaman ‘yan! Gagamitin ko rin ‘yan balang araw hahaha. 😀 😀

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    1. Dyahe lang umalis, nainuman ko na kasi yung free tubig hahaha. 😂
      Fun si Cameo! Pero quality varies based on the celebrity hehe. Kumuha rin ako from Cheryl Strayed 😊

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        1. Keri naman, tuwang-tuwa yung kapatid ko hehehe 😊 Slightly higher expectations ko sa kanya kasi bread and butter n’ya magsulat. Feeling ko na-distract s’ya at the end kasi biglang tumahol nang tumahol mga doggies n’ya hahaha. Pero na-weave n’ya into the message: “Happy birthday from me and my dogs” something like that. Smooth 😅

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  2. Interesting! 🙂 Nakita ko na once sa CNA yung Raffles Hotel and its signature Singapore Sling — yung documentary na ni-restore yung hotel itself. Did you meet Mr. Narajan, the doorman?

    And Old Hill Street? Hindi ba nandiyan yung masarap na pork noodle? Haha! 😀

    Happy Birthday pala sa asawa mo 😉

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    1. Thanks Monch! We didn’t even make it to the front door, we went around the back to go to the courtyard from the street! 😂
      You’re right — Old Hill Street Tai Hwa is the name of the noodles place (it’s the home of my favourite bak chor mee hehe). But it’s located in Crawford Lane na. Not sure if they relocated, or if they were ever around Clarke Quay to begin with. Some of these places relocate but don’t change their iconic names for maximum recall 😊

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  3. Okay, I am behind the times. I have never heard of Cameo, and to see what you’ve done for your husband’s birthday is just so thoughtful and amazing. What a great way to celebrate!

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