Sunday Sofa Sojourns #17: Brussels, Belgium

It’s a historic, joyful day for our friends over in the USA. Deep breath, savour the moment!

In the midst of today’s excitement and the absolutely hilarious, yet fitting end to that man’s presidency in a random landscaping company’s parking lot, I thought I’d keep today’s #SundaySofaSojourns short and sweet (literally).

We did a lot of stuff in Belgium – including a token visit to the popular tourist spot Mannekin-Pis, a statue of a little boy peeing a jet of water into a fountain (why is this famous?) – but I particularly enjoyed the little taste test the Hub and I conducted on one of the things Belgium is best known for. Introducing:

The Great Belgian Chocolate Challenge!

The Contenders: Neuhaus vs. Wittamer vs. Marcolini (It’s like the name of a dorky three-way boxing match.)

The Mechanics: Buy a box of chocolates from each store, eat them, and judge which was the best. Simple enough.

We started “judging” these on the train from Brussels to Bruges. The sweets barely made it.

(1) Neuhaus’ Claim to Fame: Established 1857. Creator of the praline and the ballotin. Mr. Neuhaus created the first filled chocolates ever in 1912 (bless him) and also created a gift-wrap box to protect them from being crushed, i.e. the ballotin.

Neuhaus pralines

(2) Wittamer’s Claim to Fame: Creating chocolate-y goodness since 1910. Official supplier to the Court of Belgium. Chocolates fit for the royals!

Chocolates fit for royalty — Wittamer

(3) Pierre Marcolini’s Claim to Fame: The youngest kid of the three, born 1995. Mr. Marcolini was named the World Champion of Pastry.

Marcolini heaven

The Verdict: Neuhaus’ pralines were a winner in my book. The Hub liked the richness of the cocoa flavours in Wittamer’s chocolates. However, both of us loved the variety in Marcolini’s “origin” chocolates – it evoked delicious, exotic locations (even the Earl Grey Tea flavor was *chef’s kiss*).

So… a three-way tie I suppose. 🍫

Think critically dear readers,

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sofa Sojourns #17: Brussels, Belgium

  1. I did not hear about the tweet regarding The Four Seasons….🤣🤣🤣 It comes as no surprise though.

    A few years back we went to all corners of Belgium but alas, did not stop in Brussels. The chocolate – oh garsh – what an indulgence. The Chocolate Line and Chocolatier Dumon in Brugge were my favorites, offering the variety that I crave. How I managed not to polish them off before we returned to Italy is beyond me. Must get back there again – loved everything about that country!

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    1. Same, same! You had more self-control than we did as your chocs lasted all the way back home haha.

      I don’t know if you’ve watched ‘In Bruges,’ but we couldn’t stop quoting stuff from the movie when we were there. Just the memorable lines (“You’re an inanimate fcking object!”) 10/10 recommended watch. 😂


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