Where I answer all the burning questions no one bothered to ask. This page will be updated — or not.

What does Pinay mean?

It’s a colloquial term for women from the Philippines. 🇵🇭

How about OFW? What does that mean?

OFW stands for Overseas Filipino Worker. It refers to the millions of Filipinos who live and work outside of the Philippines, me included.

Why are (most of) the photos on your blog in black & white?

I wanted to make an ironic statement about how nothing is black and white when it comes to OFWs and Filipinos, generally (see my About page). I don’t know why I’m explaining this to you, though.

Why do you keep referring to your son as “kid”?

I never said I have a son, notwithstanding I use masculine pronouns to refer to “him” throughout my blog. I could be referring to my daughter, for all you know. “He” could also be a complete figment of my imagination. The internet is a weird place.

Why do you always sign off with “think critically blah-blah”?

In one of my favourite books as a child, Judy Blume’s ‘Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself’, the titular character Sally signed off her letters with the phrase “Love and other indoor sports” (copied from a babysitter, if I recall correctly). I always loved that Sally did that. It was like having a personal brand. So I’m kind of doing the same.

Besides, the world could always use more critical thinkers. I’m still practicing how, myself.

Got corn?


Think critically dear readers — or not, your choice —

Featured image by Matthew Pla on Unsplash